Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping - Online 2022

Unit Code Unit Title Textbook Required Price
FNSTPB402 Establish and maintain payroll systems Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems MYOB

Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems MYOB

By: Kerryn Maguire

1st edition 2022

ISBN: 9781925782271

BSBSMB412 Introduce cloud computing into business operations Introduce Cloud Computing into Business Operations

By: Leigh Thomas
2nd Edition 2021

ISBN: 9781760731571

FNSACC408 Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry Work Effectively in the Accounting & Bookkeeping Industry

2nd edition 2021

Anne Collins & Vivian Rowden 

ISBN: 9781760731564





Process financial transactions & extract interim reports

Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers

Prepare financial reports

TAFE Accounting 3 PACK : Accounting to Trial Balance + Basic Reports + Workbook - $144.95 - 9780170269872

$144.95  *3 pack*

OR to buy individual book

TEXTBOOK 1: Accounting To Trial Balance 11th Edition

Mroczkowski & Flanders
ISBN-13: 9780170245517 - $76.45

TEXTBOOK 2: Accounting Basic Reports 10th Edition

Mroczkowski & Flanders
ISBN: 9780170245494 - $80.95

WORKBOOK : Accounting to Trial Balance and Basic Reports 6th edition 


ISBN: 9780170245524 - $50.95


FNSACC414 Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities Prepare Financial Statements for Non-Reporting Entities

8th Edition 2021

Gavin Dumbrell & Rex Walsh

ISBN: 9781760731595

FNSACC416 Set up and operate a computerised accounting system Set Up & Operate a Computerised Accounting System

1st edition 2022

Learner Link : Office Link Learning

ISBN: 9781925782264

BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets (Excel 2019)

By: Software Publications Writing Team
Publisher: Software Publications

ISBN: 9781921971549