Teaching Primary Mathematics

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The new edition of Teaching Primary Mathematics continues to provides undergraduate and postgraduate students opportunities to link mathematical theory to practice and importantly, prepare them for employment.

To help student teachers keep track of the key knowledge and skills they develop as they progress through the chapter,, the new edition includes Chapter Outcomes for each chapter.

In addition, the new edition has been updated to improve readability, with more activities, worked examples and visual elements to demonstrate how the theory links to practice. Increased linkages to STEM and the Australian Curriculum are included in the new edition.

Found throughout each chapter, there is a List of Activities to provide student teachers with a variety of pedagogical activities to implement in their future classrooms.

This will be the first edition of Teaching Primary Mathematics to have the option to be delivered by Revel. Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, and learn, Revel is designed to boost students' understanding, retention, and preparedness across an expanding range of discipline areas. Booker’s Revel content includes more relevant and contemporary videos and incorporates Australian focussed content including Indigenous method of teaching.

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