Social Determinants of Health

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Understand the forces and trends that combine to shape the health of individuals, counities and populations.Social Determinants of Health introduces a range of topics related to health and well-being in the context of a conceptual framework of determinants of health. It provides an introduction to some of the important ideas that underlie the field of public health, aiming to give students an understanding of the causes of health, rather than just the effects of health status in society. By examining the social, cultural, economic and environmental determinants of health, students will gain a greater understanding of current issues in public health in terms of their causes and interrelationships. This book demonstrates how an understanding of social determinants will support students to become knowledgeable health professionals allowing them to practise effectively in the modern healthcare context.KEY FEATURESEach chapter is free-standing, but all are linked through the framework of social determinants of healthCase Examples demonstrate theory in real-world settingsStop and Think questions and Reflection exercises encourage students to consolidate and articulate the theory learnt in a chapterKey term margin notes highlight important concepts.

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