Foundations of Taxation Law 2021

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An introduction to the policy, principles and practice of the Australian taxation system.Foundations of Taxation Law 2021 provides a clear and concise introduction to the policy, principles and practice underpinning the Australian federal taxation system. It is designed to progressively build the reader’s understanding of taxation law, helping to navigate the complex legislation that governs its operation.This thirteenth edition has been substantially revised to take into account many important legislative reforms, coon law developments, administrative changes and policy announcements that have occurred since the previous edition. In particular, it includes extensive analysis of the taxation stimulus measures introduced by the Government to deal with the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the imputation changes arising from the new corporate tax rate for base rate entities, the proposed reforms to the research and development tax incentive, and the Board of Taxation’s recoendations for changes to the residency rules for individuals. There is also an update at the front of the book, which outlines the important tax changes announced in the October 2020 Federal Budget.It also has a more in-depth policy and technical discussion on several areas of law, along with many new diagrams, examples, and a more user-friendly index.NEW CASES TO THIS EDITION INCLUDE:FC of T v AddyBosanac v FC of TBurton v FC of TGreig v FC of TMussalli & Ors v FC of TFC of T v Sharpcan Pty LtdMoreton Resources Ltd v ISA.Use in conjunction with the Core Tax Legislation and Study Guide 2021 for legislative provision extracts and the Australian Tax Casebook, 15th edition for suaries of the cases covered in this text.

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