Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice

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Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice, third edition, is the complete introduction to everything students need to know as they begin their studies in crime and criminology. It has been updated with the most current examples and references, as well as emerging issues and trends.

It covers key subject areas including what crime is, types of crime, crime theory, systems and institutions of crime, crime and social inequality, and difference and criminal justice--all within an Australian context.

Written in an engaging style, this new edition encourages critical thinking about the subject matter and features thought-provoking discussion questions and issues for consideration. This text will prove to be a valuable reference throughout a criminology degree.


  • New discussion topics including media criminology, cybercrime, green criminology, and critical forensic studies
  • Incorporates the most current examples and references
  • Includes updated coverage of emerging issues and trends in an Australian context
  • Introduces the foundational explanations for the causes of crime in a consolidated theory chapter.

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