Contract Law Commentaries Cases and Perspectives

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Part 1: Introduction1. The Nature and Importance of Contract LawPart 2: Formation2. Agreement3. Certainty and Conditional Contracts4. Consideration5. Intention to Create Contractual Relations6. Capacity7. FormalitiesPart 3: Scope and Content8. Privity of Contract 9. The Terms of a Contract10. Construct and Classification of Terms11. Exclusion CausesPart 4: Avoidance12. Misleading or Deceptive Conduct13. Mistake14. Duress15. Undue Influence16. Unconscionable Conduct17. Unfair Terms18. Illegallity and Public PolicyPart 5: Performance and Termination19. Performance20. Termination by Agreement21. Termination for Breach22. Termination by FrustrationPart 6: Remedies23. Damages and Liquidated Claims24. Equitable Remedies

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