Australian Tax Casebook 15th edition

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A comprehensive, practical reference text to support the study of taxation law.The Australian Tax Casebook is a comprehensive reference text with more than 650 case suaries covering income tax, fringe benefits tax, goods and services tax, and other areas related to federal taxation law. Designed for taxation students and practitioners, this new edition is highly accessible, with each suary identifying the essential facts and arguments of a case, as well as the fundamental issues and decisions together with key judicial statements.The Australian Tax Casebook is a valuable and time-saving resource that can be used as a companion text with Foundations of Taxation Law, Australian Taxation Law and the Australian Master Tax Guide. NEW CASES TO THIS EDITION:Anstis v FC of T (updated)Aurora Developments Pty Ltd v FC of TBaker v FC of TBlank v FC of TBody Corporate Villa Edgewater v FC of TBoer v FC of TCase 3/2013D’Arcy v FC of TGlencore International AG & Ors v FC of TLean v FC of TMcDonald v FC of T (updated)Mayne Nickless Limited v FC of TNandan; FC of T vNordern v FC of TPickford v FC of TSwansea Services Pty Ltd v FC of TTing v FC of TUber BV v FC of T

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