Join Co-Op

For the Co-Operative to continue to operate successfully it must have members. Buying shares and patronising the bookshop ensures inflow of share capital for growth and viability.

What are the benefits
In return, the Co-Operative provides a convenient and efficient service on campus. Members are also entitled to attend and vote at all Annual General Meetings. They are also eligible to be elected as a Board Member of the Co-Operative according to the model rules.

To become a member of the Co-Operative, simply fill in an Application for Membership form (available from all of our stores) and pay $20.00 for 20 x $1.00 shares. Under the current rules of the Co-Operative continued membership is valid if you use the Co-Operative at least once every three (3) years. If you are not already a Swinburne University card holder (eg. student or staff) you will be issued with a membership card that should be presented when making a purchase at the Co-Operative to receive your discount. The card - or your Swinburne card - should be presented to the Cashier at the beginning of your purchase to receive your discount.

  • 10% member discount on all non-NETT items (web site will display member price for eligible items) **
  • 15% off RRP on General Books for all customers (web site will show RRP and discounted price for eligible items)

Member discount applies to most items in the store with the exception of calculators, software, lecture notes and items marked NETT. These items already marked at reduced prices.

There is a $2.50 minimum purchase on EFTPOS transactions in-store.

Co-op Membership can be purchased on-line via this link.

Member login information:

** Members can log in and order items on-line at the discounted prices once they have been assigned a Password - please contact the Bookshop if you do not already have your Password and would like to order on-line as a Member. Simply use the Member Login function with your Account Number and Password and you will get all applicable discounts on our items.

Please note than any items you place in your Shopping Cart before you login will remain at non-discount prices.