About Us

A brief History

The Co-operative began trading in February 1978, its objective being to provide an efficient and convenient service to the Swinburne Community. In 1992 the Co-operative opened a branch at the Mooroolbark (now Lilydale) Campus. This was done with the help and co-operation of the Student Union. In 1993 another branch of the Co-operative was established at the Prahran Campus. New stores were later opened at Wantirna and Croydon in 1999.

 The Hawthorn shop still exists today, 40 years later.

The bookshop was set up as a Co-operative structure to be able to raise working capital via the sale of shares and also to ensure that the control of the operation remained with the members who used the Co-operative. All profits of the Co-operative remain with the organisation to ensure its continued growth and viability. No external beneficiaries exist.

Bookshop Products & Services

  • Textbooks
  • Secondhand textbooks – buy & sell
  • Reference books
  • General books / fiction / nonfiction etc
  • Sale books
  • Course Notes & materials
  • Stationery & office supplies
  • Art materials & supplies
  • Graphic & Engineering supplies
  • Specialist course equipment and clothing
  • Swinburne branded clothing, memorabilia and accessories
  • Gifts, cards, wrapping paper and novelties
  • Computer Hardware & USBs
  • CD & DVD media and storage
  • Calculators and accessories (including exam approved calculators)
  • Batteries  
  • Gifts, cards, wrapping paper and novelties
  • Confectionery & drinks
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • In store and online orders
  • Web orders, click and collect
  • Special orders
  • Membership Benefits
  • Print & Binding service for presentation of assignments
  • Shipping to all parts of Australia and the world
  • ATM    


The control of the operation remains with our members, and we adhere to principles of a co-operative.   New members are always welcome, and membership is open to everyone.  Discounts and other benefits are available to our members.

Membership benefits:

  • Lifetime membership  
  • Once off joining fee of $20.00
  • 10% discount off most items, including textbooks
  • 15% off general books
  • Membership also allows you to attend the Co-operative’s Annual General Meeting, where you can voice your opinion as a member, have your say, as well as an opportunity to run for vacant positions on the board. 

Secondhand books

As a service to Swinburne students, the Bookshop buys and sells Textbooks on your behalf as a book exchange. Please note that only books which are currently required for a Swinburne subject and are current editions can be accepted for sale.


We suggest that if you are intending to purchase a required text or reference, that you do so before or at the beginning of each semester. If you cannot afford to purchase immediately, we are happy to hold books for up to two weeks.

Special/personal orders

If you find a book is unavailable, we can place a personal order for you. The bookshop has access to a large network of suppliers worldwide. Books which are currently in print can be ordered.

Stationery, office supplies, graphic or art supplies, calculators, peripherals, etc. can also be ordered. Ask for a quote before you buy elsewhere. We are here to provide a service for you.

We welcome your suggestions to improve our services to you. Please remember that this is your bookshop, we are here for your benefit. If you have a suggestion to make please contact us at the Hawthorn Bookshop, Phone: (03) 9214 5484 or via e-mail at: bookshop@swin.edu.au